Cat Supplies

Let the Pet Department help you meet all your furry friend's needs! From food, to dietary supplements, to toys meant to challenge the mind or keep your indoor or outdoor cat entertained, we have it all. Looking for cat beds? Feline furniture? Kitty toys? We've got you covered on all these and more!

Food & Toppers

Dry kibble or wet cans, let us help you meet your cat's dietary needs! We also carry bone broth, sweet potato toppers for digestion assistance, and food toppers for occasional or everyday use.

Toys, Treats, & More

Looking for new toys for your pets? Needing treats on hand or for training? We've got you covered! We also carry pet beds, feline furniture, grooming supplies, and a variety of cat feeding and watering bowls.

Health & Wellness

Spanning from dietary supplements, to skin and coat aids such as salmon oil, to flea and tick treatments and preventatives, along with ear and eye washes, we're here to help meet your pet's needs above and beyond the food bowl.

Cat Food

Dry food or canned wet food, let us help you with meeting your cat's dietary needs! Ask us if our distributors carry your preferred brand of food, dry or wet. Cat foods we don't keep on self may be ordered in for customers on a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly basis, depending on your needs.

Dry Kibble

Blue Wilderness
Chicken Soup for the Soul
Diamond Care
Diamond Naturals
Natural Balance
Taste of the Wild

Canned Wet

Taste of the Wild
Tiki Cat

Cat Toys, Treats, & More

We carry a variety of toys, from scratching boards to catnip toys to balls and other chase and fetching toys. When it comes to treats, we have a variety of tooth health and training treats from Greenies to freeze dried fish. We also have cat beds, travel crates, litter boxes, litter (clay, paper, and wood) and waste disposal supplies, collars and leashes, harnesses, feeding and watering supplies, and more.

Cat Health Supplies

We carry flea medications (both liquid applications and flea collars), tick medication, dewormers, grooming tools and aids such as brushes, nail trimmers, and shampoos, external care supplies such as paw care, skin care, itch relief sprays, ear and eye care, and blood stoppers, dietary supplements and vitamins, and other internal health supplies, including for hairball assistance. We're also a local source for salmon and other fish oils to assist with your pet's skin and coat health.